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Baseus Wireless Charger
Baseus Wireless Charger 15W Black 25.00
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Baseus Wireless Charger 15W Black!

This convenient to use wireless charger Baseus WXJK-E01 allows you to quickly charge phones with a power of up to 15 W. It is also equipped with a magnet that allows you to place your iPhone firmly on it. The product supports QC and PD protocols, which makes it widely compatible. Its double structure and complex security system ensure complete safety of use. Induction sensitivity up to 6mm can offer a response time of just 0.1s.

Thanks to the use of high-class copper parts, the maximum power of the charger is as high as 15 W. The device also supports lower values – for example 10 / 7.5 / 5 W. This, in combination with the PD and QC protocols, guarantees the remarkable compatibility of the WXJK-E01. With the help of this versatile charger, you can quickly charge various types of phones or wireless Headphones .

baseus wireless charger

Another thing that distinguishes the product is its stylish design. The black metal housing looks great and gives the charger an elegant character. It is also impressively durable. The original element of the device is a transparent cover made of tempered glass. All this gives a modern, stunning effect.

What else makes using the charger so simple and convenient? The Plug & Play Cable guarantees ease of use and the freedom of your dreams. In addition, the green indicator provides the most important information about the status of the device. It is an extremely practical solution!

The double structure – the use of metal and tempered glass – enables more efficient heat distribution, thus increasing the safety of using the charger. The device is also protected against overload, overcharging and short-circuit, among other things. Thanks to this, neither the Baseus WXJK-E01, nor the loaded devices will be unexpectedly damaged!

The magnet of the charger is perfectly adapted to the design of the iPhone 12 series. It is distinguished by an extremely high force of attraction, which ensures that the phone is securely mounted and increases its efficiency. Moreover, the improved frequency regulation offered by similar smartphones allows to eliminate interference and shorten the charging time.


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