Ugreen Cable US535 Type-C to Type-C 240W 2m


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Type-C to Type-C 240W cyprus
Ugreen Cable US535 Type-C to Type-C 240W 2m 36.00
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UGreen Cable US535 Type-C to Type-C 240W 2m Grey!

Charging and data transfer in mobile devices requires the use of appropriate cables. UGreen cables are perfect for models that consume energy up to 240W. Thanks to the technology used, they guarantee fast and safe charging of laptops equipped with a USB Type C Power Delivery input.


  • Connectors: USB Type C
  • USB standard: USB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbps)
  • Maximum power: 240W
  • Amber: 5A
  • Connector type in the cable: USB Type C
  • Fast Charging: Power Delivery 3.0
  • Length: 2m

Fast transfer of large amounts of data

The use of modern technology and USB 2.0 specification makes the Ugreen cable suitable for transferring large amounts of data in a very short time.

Instant phone charging

The cable is adapted to support Power Delivery 3.0 fast charging. Fast transfer via the USB Type C port meets the requirements of the most modern chargers.

Type-C to Type-C 240W cyprus

High durability with intensive use

It is made of durable materials, among which the material braid stands out. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage, effectively protecting the internal transmission bundle. A well-thought-out design makes the cables very durable and distinguished by a long service life. The material sheath additionally protects the cable against tangling.

Cables for demanding tasks

They are designed for extremely fast charging of laptops, tablets and other demanding devices.


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