Baseus Gravity Ventilation Car Holder Gray


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Baseus Gravity Ventilation Car Holder Gray!

A car holder to be installed in the ventilation grille. The gadget is extremely easy to use, just put the phone on it and clench your jaws. It has a triangular structure ensuring stability while driving, large adjustment possibilities (including 360-degree rotation) and rubber pads, thanks to which we will not scratch any part of the car. For this a special cutout that allows you to connect the charger.

Simple operation
It does not require the cumbersome adjustment of the accessory to the size of the phone. It is enough to put the device on it and clamp the jaws. In order to take the phone out, press the button that loosens the jaws.

Universal rotation, fit at any angle
The round knob allows free rotation at an angle of 360 ° for an optimal view.

No scratching, no hassle with visibility
The holder is attached to the dashboard or the ventilation grille, thanks to which it does not restrict visibility in any way. In addition, it has rubber caps on the jaws for a solid installation without scratching the airflow.

Hassle-free charging on the go
Thanks to a special cutout, you can easily connect the charger cable to the phone and charge your equipment even while driving. No need to abandon the use of the device.

Stability and security
The triangular design of the accessory guarantees the stability and safety of the phone even on the most uneven roads.

Brand: Baseus
Main color: Grey
Producent code: SUYK010114
Minimum device width (mm): 65
Maximum device width (mm): 85
Attachment place: Air vent
Holder type: Gravitational


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