Baseus MacBook Magsafe Power Cable Type-C 60W 2m


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L-shape Power Cable Type-C 60W
Baseus MacBook Magsafe Power Cable Type-C 60W 2m 23.00
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Baseus MacBook Magsafe Magnetic Zinc L-shape Power Cable Type-C 60W 2m White!

Universal L-shaped magnetic Apple connector

This Baseus 60W Magnetic Type-C To Type L Magnetic Power Cable is the perfect accessory for your new MacBook Pro. It is compatible with both the MacBook Pro 14” and 16” 2021 editions, so you don’t have to look any further for your perfect charging accessory. Due to its useful L-Shape, this cable makes life even easier by making sure that it always sits flush and it’s great to use in tight spaces or by a wall.

Perfect magnetic alignment

As this is a Baseus product, you can rest assured that it has been crafted with the highest attention to detail. Using this cable is extremely simple. You just have to get the magnetic connector close to the charging port and let the magnets inside do their job as they will automatically attach to the charging port, thus making your life easier especially at night, no more faffing in the dark trying to find the port!  There will be no need to constantly have to move your MacBook Pro around till the magnets align, as the cable will simply click on to your MacBook Pro easily and effectively.

Strong and safe connection

The magnetic connection is strong enough to resist most unintended disconnects, but if someone trips on the cable, it releases so your MacBook Pro stays put. You don’t have to worry anymore about the safety of your MacBook Pro, we have got you covered with this sleek and strong connector. The cable is also made with a woven design for long-lasting durability.

LED light notification

Another great feature made to make your life easier is the LED light. The LED light turns amber when the battery is charging and green when it’s fully charged.

Smart chip protection

If you are still hesitant in regards to the qualities of this Baseus cable you should also know that it is equipped with smart chip protection, meaning that this cable will offer stable fast charging without damaging your device.

Easy to use with a compatible USB-C power adapter

The Baseus cable can also be paired with a compatible over 65W USB-C power adapter to conveniently charge your MacBook Pro from a power point and take advantage of fast-charging capabilities.

Extremely durable

In order to make sure that this cable will last you for a long time it has been manufactured from durable nylon braided cables. It is extremely practical and flexible and it will not break no matter what you put it through. This cable has passed the 10000 times bending test, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality product for your device.

Brand: Baseus
Material: Aluminum alloy+nylon braided wire
Power: 60W Max
Input interface: USB Type C
Output interface: L-shaped socket
Length: 2m

✅APPLE A1237, A1304, A1370, A136, A1374, A1377, A1244, A1286, A1211, A1290, A1297, A1226, A11175, A1150, A134, MB061CH/A, MB062CH/A, MB063CH/A, MC207CH/A, MC207CH/A /A, MA255CH/A, MC237CH/A, MC375CH/A, MB402CH/A, MB403CH/A, MB404CH/A, MB466CH/A, MB467CH/A, MA472CH/A, MC516CH/A, MB69CH/A, MC700CH/A , MD102C/A


baseus cable type L to Type c


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