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Baseus MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear!

Meet the magnetic case Baseus – a combination of elegance, functionality and top quality. Created for those who value reliability and security, but do not want to sacrifice aesthetics. Made of excellent quality materials, the case not only protects, but also emphasizes the style of your phone. Thanks to its unique design, it is easy to use and maintain. When you choose Baseus, you choose quality you can trust.

Guaranteed safety

The magnetic case Baseus is made of the highest quality materials, so it provides excellent impact and scratch resistance. Moreover, it guarantees the safety of your phone even during a fall from 1.2 m! Despite its minimal thickness, it surprises with increased resistance to cracking, giving the impression as if the phone is intact. The speaker design is also dust-resistant, ensuring clear, pristine sound no matter what the conditions. In addition, the case provides protection not only for the phone, but also for the camera, protecting it from potential scratches and damage.

Magnetic design

The magnetic case Baseus is a unique product that stands out for its robustness and versatility. Equipped with 38 upgraded aerospace-grade N52 magnets, with an attractive force of up to 12N, it ensures a secure and tight connection, when using wireless devices like chargers and powerbanks. It is designed for comfortable and practical use – thanks to its high compatibility, you no longer need to remove the case to charge your phone. The multi-functionality of the Baseus case is also highlighted by its ability to work with various devices, such as wireless chargers or powerbanks, phone holders and even magnetic wallets.

Thoughtful design

The magnetic case Baseus is not only practical, but also elegant. Its special design prevents it from leaving dirty fingerprints, making it always look pristine, regardless of the intensity of use. Made of the highest quality PC material, the case provides excellent clarity that protects against yellowing and loss of aesthetics. In addition, it is extremely easy to use – you can easily put the case on and take it off, making daily use of the phone much easier.



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