Baseus Small Ears Series Magnetic Car Stand Silver


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Baseus Small Ears Series Magnetic Car Stand Silver!

Magnetic car dashboard holder for all mobile phones that offers the most ideal support solution for your mobile phone in the car, while you can easily and quickly pull it to use it.

It has 4 built-in strong magnets, while it is made of aluminum and high quality PU material.

The magnet is very strong so you can use the base on the car for either mobile or GPS devices. With a modern design and very small size, the base for the car dashboard for all mobile devices fits everywhere with elegance. The car stand for all mobile devices is very easy to place on the car dashboard in just a few seconds and detaches just as easily when you want to remove it.

The 360’s magnetic car base; with modern design allows the device to be placed in any corner. Installation and removal only take a moment. It does not restrict access to the buttons, charger socket and headphones. It has a high quality magnet for a firm hold of the device for complete safety while driving.

Everyone will wonder how you finally manage to support your mobile phone! A beautiful and practical car base for all mobile devices and GPS that will become necessary in every car and will free your hands!

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