Baseus Type-C Crystal Shine series Fast Charging 100W 2m Black


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baseus type c cable 100w
Baseus Type-C Crystal Shine series Fast Charging 100W 2m Black 19.00 12.00
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Baseus Type-C Crystal Shine series Fast Charging 100W 2m Black!

Your charging cable is not meeting your expectations? Phone takes too long to charge and file transfer is extremely tedious? If so, Baseus has a gadget prepared perfectly for you. It works well for charging devices and transferring data, and additionally it has a really interesting styling. It is also characterized by many amenities, and most importantly – support for fast charging.

Solid structure and workmanship
The main problem with standard charging cables is their poor build quality. The Baseus cable is a higher shelf. You receive a product coated with a material that protects it against mechanical damage and breakage.

Fast file upload and transfer
The most important advantage of the cable from Baseus is the support for fast charging. If your device also supports fast charging technology, you can charge it up to 100% in an extremely short time. Also noteworthy is the possibility of using a data cable – e.g. between a phone and a laptop.

Plug finish
The advantage of the Baseus cable is also the ending itself. They have been strengthened, which makes them much more resistant to damage. It is also crucial to make one of them at a 90-degree angle, so that when attached to a phone or other device, it does not interfere with its use. In a dark room, it will also be easier for you to find the phone thanks to the special backlight of the plug plugged into the phone.

Brand: Baseus
Type: Fast charging cable
Material: zinc alloy, fabric braid
Power: 100W (20V / 5A)
Data transmission: 480 Mbps
Input: USB type A
Output: USB Type-C
Length 2m

The most important features:
Elegant design
Solid workmanship
Protected tips
Fast charging support
Protection against overcharging and overvoltage

baseus type c 100w cable


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