Dudao Audio adapter Type C to 3.5mm


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Dudao Audio adapter Type C to 3.5mm 8.00
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Dudao Audio adapter Type C to 3.5mm L16CPro White!

Adapter with a cable from the USB Type C connector to the headphone jack 3.5 mini jack . It allows you to connect headphones with a mini jack connector to a smartphone without a headphone jack, and thus listen to our favorite music. A practical solution for devices equipped only with a USB Type C port. For smartphones with a USB Type C port and a headphone jack, the 3.5mm jack on the adapter will not work. 3.5mm jack for everyone!

This is the perfect accessory for everyone who does not want to invest money in new headphones with a USB Type C connector . This small adapter is enough to be able to connect classic equipment to newer phone models, the manufacturers of which have given up the 3.5 mm jack socket. Light, small and extremely durable The adapter weighs only a few grams and has a small size , so its transport is practically hassle-free. In addition, it was made of high-quality materials. Strong cable Durable, flexible TPE cable increases the range and room for maneuver with the adapter itself .

Meanwhile, only a tiny plug is connected to the smartphone. Sound at the highest level Both while listening to music and making calls using the headset. The sound is clear and without distortion . Enjoy the sound of your favorite songs and unlimited conversations with your loved ones! Without removing the case Thanks to the design of the accessory, you can connect it to the phone without removing the cover . Fast and safe.


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