Dux Ducis Plen Series Apple AirPods 2/1 Black


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Dux Ducis Plen Series Apple AirPods 2/1 Black 15.00
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Dux Ducis Plen Case Apple AirPods 2/1 Black!

AirPods 2 / AirPods 1 case from the Dux Ducis Plen series in blue Dux Ducis Plen is a case that will provide not only protection but also style for your AirPods 2 / AirPods 1 . Made of soft TPU, which is anti-fingerprint and pleasant to the touch, it guarantees a perfect fit for your headphones.

Forget about scratches and scuffs on your AirPods, Plen will provide them with comprehensive protection. The case consists of two parts, which makes it easy to put it on and take it off the headphones, while maintaining full freedom of use. What’s more, the case also has special holes, thanks to which you can attach a lanyard and wear your device on your wrist, neck or attach it to a backpack or purse. You no longer have to remove the case to charge your AirPods, Dux Ducis Plen has precisely cut holes that allow for hassle-free charging both via cable and wirelessly, while not blocking the charging signal.

Do not wait and choose Dux Ducis Plen to make sure that your AirPods 2 / AirPods 1 headphones will always be in good condition, and you will enjoy their stylish design and easy use.


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