ESR Protector Set Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Clear (2pcs)


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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera protector cyprus
ESR Protector Set Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Clear (2pcs) 24.00
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ESR Protector Set Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Clear (2pcs)!

The protective glass set from the ESR brand is a complete protection of the display and the lens against scratches and impacts.

The screen glass is made of durable and milled glass with a hardness (resistance level) of 9H, which is why it is extremely resistant to scratches even when in contact with sharp objects, knives, keys. It is characterized by an extremely good oleophobic coating that protects the screen from leaving fingerprints. The die has been prepared to cover the maximum part of the screen and ensure full compatibility with most cases.

The camera lens covers made of tempered glass are the perfect protection for this part of the device. The glass fully covers the lens sections and provides protection against scratches and breakage.

The set includes installation accessories along with a positioning frame, thanks to which the installation is very easy and accessible to literally everyone. The frame allows for perfect positioning of the coating with the screen, and the other accessories are used for bubble-free and dirt-free installation – installing this type of product on such a large screen surface has never been easier!

1) Start the installation in the bathroom right after taking a bath – the steam will absorb all the dust from the atmosphere and it will not interfere with the installation.
2) Thoroughly clean and degrease the surface of the screen, and then use a dry cloth to polish it to a shine.
3) Install the coating as evenly as possible – you can position it using the positioning frame from the set.
4) Get rid of air bubbles by pressing the whole thing in circular motions for several dozen seconds. Do it so that the adhesive layer bonds to the screen as much as possible.

– 100% Original
– Packed in the original packaging
– Scratch resistance up to 9H
– 0.3mm thick tempered glass
– It has an oleophobic layer
– Contoured 2.5D edges
– Easy assembly with frame and installation package
– Does not affect touch sensitivity
– Dimensions: 159x75mm

2 x Glass for ESR display
2 x Set of 5 glasses for the ESR lens
2 x Installation kit


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