Hoco GaN Fast Charger USB – 2x Type C 65W + Cable


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GaN Charger cyprus
Hoco GaN Fast Charger USB - 2x Type C 65W + Cable 45.00
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Hoco GaN Charger USB + 2x Type C 65W Fast Charger with Type C Cable N16 White!

Modern HOCO GaN charger. Equipped with three ports: 2x type C, USB – allows you to charge up to three devices at the same time. Comes with 100W Type-C cable which can charge high powered laptops. Supports fast charging protocols.

What is GaN technology? In the production of GaN chargers, instead of standard silicon, gallium nitride is used for energy transfer , which allows for much faster power transmission and therefore faster charging. At the same time, nitride is several times smaller than silicon, which makes the devices much smaller than their traditional counterparts.

GaN chargers are therefore faster and smaller at the same time.

GaN technology is a universal standard that can charge any device – smartphone, tablet or even laptop . At the same time, it is 100% safe because the chargers are equipped with a number of safeguards that protect against voltage changes or overcharging.

The product is made of fireproof PC material, which ensures safety and comfort of use. A GaN charger means even more stable charging and faster heat dissipation. All this in a small housing that fits in the pocket of a jacket or purse.

The accessory supports fast charging function PD 3.0/2.0, QC3.0/2.0, FCP , SCP , AFC and other charging protocols.

Comes with a 100W USB -C to USB -C cable that can charge high-powered laptops.

Material: PC
Output: total power: 65W; USB -C 1: 65W; USB -C 2: 33W; USB -A: 30W; USB -C 1+ USB -C 2 / USB -C 1 + USB -A: 45W + 18W (63W); 2x USB -C + USB -A: 45W + 15W (60W)
Size: 103 * 36 * 32mm
Cable length: 1 m
Weight: 87 g

GaN Charger cyprus


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