HOCO Wireless Headset TWS EW15 Black


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Wireless Headset
HOCO Wireless Headset TWS EW15 Black 32.00
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Hoco Wireless Headset TWS EW15 Black!

True wireless TWS earbuds from HOCO. Perfect for demanding conditions, such as training, and for everyday use. Comes with a portable charging case.

Bluetooth technology allows the user to play favorite songs and make calls without a cable, and thus without tangling!

Each of the earphones is small and light, which makes the set perfect for many hours of use, without burdening the ears. Ergonomic design ensures a secure fit and prevents the earphones from falling out.

The case is equipped with a 300 mAh battery and provides a total working time (listening to music, talking) up to several hours. The set supports summoning the Siri voice assistant.

Bluetooth version: 5.1 JL AC6973
Battery capacity: charging case: 300 mAh, earphones: 30 mAh
Talk / music time: 4 hours
Standby time: 120 hours
Size: 54.5 * 47 * 25 mm
Total weight: 40 g

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