Laptop Power Adapter Innergie 65W


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Laptop Power Adapter Innergie 65W!

  • 65W Laptop Power Adapter
  • Superior Power, More Performance 65-Watt laptop adapter with high charging efficiency has stable and reliable power to improve your charging performance.
  • Use Today, Use Tomorrow Including 6 tips to work with most laptops and Free Tips Program to get extra tips to match your laptops. (Acer,ASUS,Alienware,Dell,HP,Lenovo,MSI)
  • 90% Power Conversion Rate The Innergie 65W’s highly efficient 90% power conversion rate, which is 2% higher than the industry standard. Not only ensures maximum power is made available for your devices, but that the environmental impact is reduced.
  • Top Material- Superb Durability. The top material PC is shockproof, heat and cold resistant, offering you premium safety.
  • Ultra Compact Size to Fit In Anywhere Smaller than the original adapter, with included charging cable and interchangable laptop tips to power up your laptop anywhere.
  • InnerShield™ Only Innergie products come equipped with such powerful protections, oaring a level of security no other devices can match.
  • GreenSense™ 91% conversion rate, reducing 3% energy wasted while charging your device with Innergie. The 3% miracle, to make you enjoy powerful mobile life and minimize burden to our environment.


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