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Measure the oxygen in your blood with a new sensor. Take an electrocardiogram wherever you are. See your athletic performance with a look at the upgraded Always-On Retina display. The new Apple Watch Series 6 focuses on health and a more active daily life.


The level of oxygen in the blood is a key indicator of your health. It helps you understand how well your body absorbs oxygen and in what percentage. The new sensor in the Apple Watch Series 6 allows you to record whenever you want and at the same time works day and night in the background.

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New sensor, new data

The blood oxygen saturation sensor is located on the back of the Apple Watch Series 6 and consists of 4 LEDs and 4 LEDs. LEDs illuminate the blood vessels in your wrist and the LEDs measure the percentage of light reflected. These data, in conjunction with advanced algorithms and related application, can calculate the percentage of oxygen found in the blood.

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Cardiogram on the wrist

With the ECG electrocardiogram application, the Apple Watch can provide useful information to the user and your doctor. Just tap the digital hoop to get a cardiogram in 30 seconds. The application can detect if you show signs of atrial fibrillation or arrhythmia and notify you to see a doctor.

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Physical condition

The Apple Watch records every type of exercise you enjoy. Choose running, swimming, yoga, cycling or almost any exercise you prefer and start recording your every move.

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Always-On Retina

The screen of the Apple Watch Series 6 is 2.5 times brighter outdoors, even when you have your hand down. Therefore, you can see your measurements even when exercising in the sun, without lifting your wrist. These include the new altimeter that constantly records changes in altitude, indoors and outdoors.

20201006100454 apple watch series 6 altimeter

Color: Aluminum Blue/Aluminum Silver
Screen type: OLED
Touch screen: Yes
Internal Storage Memory: 32 GB
Compatible Operating System: iOS
Interface Type: Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/NFC
Case Material: Aluminum
Possibilities: Vibration/Speaker/Microphone
Functions: Caller ID/E-mail/Application Notification/Voice Control
Interchangeable Strap: Yes
Use: Various Sports / Fitness/Swimming/Hiking/Cycling/Run
Smart Assistant: Siri
Sensors: GPS/Altimeter/Accelerometer/Calorie meter/Heartbeat/Oximeter/Sleep Monitoring/Compass
Set (With heart rate zone): No
Waterproof: Swimming in the Sea
Battery Duration: 1 Day
Dimension (case diameter): 44mm

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Aluminium Blue, Aluminium Silver


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