Tech-Protect 3in1 Wireless Charger A20 QI15W White


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Tech-Protect 3in1 Wireless Charger A20 QI15W White 79.00
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Tech-Protect 3in1 Wireless Charger A20 QI15W White!

The universal accessory from the Tech-Protect brand is the latest proposal of the induction charger from the A series.
A20 is a quick and safe way to charge three types of devices: a smartphone with iOS or Android, Apple Watch and headphones With wireless charging function, such as Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Functional design allows you to charge the devices in any configuration – all at the same time or completely separately.

The protection system protects the connected devices Before overheating and overvoltage, additional holes at the back of the A20 release heat, maintaining a constantly low temperature during charging. Therefore, even a few hours of leaving devices on the charger is completely safe.

The simple, subdued design with a matte finish makes the A20 perfectly fit into any room, both at work and at home, and thanks to With its small dimensions, it will quickly gain its dedicated place.

* For the charger to work fully correctly, a network charger with a power of min: 25W
** The charger works only with Apple Watch – it is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Product features:
– 100% original
– packed in the original packaging
– Wireless Quick Charge
service- USB C: 9v /3a, 12v /2a
– Smartphone output power: 15W /10W /7.5W
– WATCH output power: 3W
– Earphone output power: 5W
– function Power supply of three devices simultaneously
– Power function of each of the devices separately


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