Tech-Protect V3 Universal Long Arm Windshield & Car Mount Black


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Tech-Protect V3 Universal Long Arm Windshield & Car Mount Black 27.00
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Tech-Protect V3 Universal Long Arm Windshield Car Mount Black!

The functional car holder is a continuation of the reliable “V” series from the Tech-Protect brand.
Perfectly made V3 is a safe and practical solution when traveling. Mounted on the dashboard or windshield, equipped with a 360-degree rotating head and a long aluminum arm with a length of 255mm, which thanks to its flexible design will allow you to adapt to your individual needs.

The V3 also uses a clamping, strong grip and adjustable arm spacing, which allows you to fit a smartphone with dimensions from 46mm to 89mm.
The grip paws are finished with a non-slip, silicone pad, which effectively protects the device from scratches and additionally strengthens the clamp.

Simple and quick installation is due to a convenient lever and a strong gel suction cup, thanks to which you can easily install the holder anywhere on the dashboard or windshield. Just degrease the place where you want to stick the accessory, tighten the lever and it’s ready! To maintain the sticky properties of the suction cup, wash it under running water before reinstalling it.

V3 is definitely the perfect accessory for demanding users. Safe and stable during travel, allowing you to quickly remove the phone in case of emergency.
Elegant and classic – it will perfectly fit into modern car interiors.

– 100% Original
– Packed in the original packaging
– Universal
– Durable and reliable
– Functional and stable
– Rotating 360 degrees
– Catch for devices with a width of 46-89mm
– Mounted to the windshield or on the dashboard


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