Tech-Protect V4 Universal Windshield & Car Mount Black


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Tech-Protect V4 Universal Windshield & Car Mount Black 18.00
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Tech-Protect V4 Universal Windshield & Car Mount Black!

V4, i.e. a reliable continuation of the universal car handle from the “V” series from the Tech-Protect brand. A precisely made accessory is an ideal companion of every journey.

V4 is the ability to install both on the dashboard and glass. A strong, gel suction cup and two -stage lever will allow for quick and trouble -free installation in a convenient location.
Just degrease the place where you want to stick the accessory, tighten the lever and it’s ready! To maintain the sticky properties of the suction cup, it should be washed under running water before installation.

equipped with a solid, adjustable frame length, finished with a 360 degree rotary head. This combination allows you to adapt the settings to your individual needs and significantly affects the convenience of use. A strong, clamping grip and adjustable arms spacing will allow you to match the phone from 4.7 “to 6.8”. The device can be removed from the handle at any time using the side buttons.

The product was made of high quality components, thanks to which it is extremely durable and resistant to damage, and rubber shock absorbers installed in the arms make the phone not Moves during the journey.

Tech -Protect V4 is safe and stable during travel, enabling quick to remove the phone in the event of a sudden need.
elegant and classic – perfectly blends in with modern interior of the car .


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