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Tech-Protect V6 Universal Vent Car Mount Black 23.00
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Tech-Protect V6 Universal Vent Car Mount Black!

Tech-Protect V6 is an innovative car mount that provides excellent functionality and flexibility in all conditions. It is an ideal alternative for indecisive people, because it can be placed both on the dashboard, on the windshield and on the air vent, ensuring optimal placement in the car.

The extremely strong and durable base ensures a secure hold of the device, and the adjustable distance of the hooks with a width of 48 mm to 102 mm allows you to mount various phone models.

The stand features an adjustable, telescopic arm and a full 360-degree swivel head, allowing you to position your smartphone perfectly to ensure comfortable use.

Mounting the base is simple and quick! Thanks to the easy-to-use lever and the powerful gel suction cup, it can be easily placed anywhere on the dashboard or windshield. Just clean the spot where you want to place the base, tighten the lever and you’re done!

To maintain the properties of the suction cup, it is recommended to wash it under running water before the next installation.

An additional advantage of the V6 is the accessory included in the kit so that it can also be mounted on the car’s air duct. Thanks to this, the user can choose the preferred mounting position and adapt the base to his needs.

Its classic design makes it perfectly match the interior of any vehicle. Its elegant design not only provides functionality, but also adds style and aesthetics.


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