Usams TWS Bluetooth Earphones 5.3 White


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Usams TWS Bluetooth Earphones 5.3 White 48.00
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Usams TWS Bluetooth Earphones 5.3 White!

The earbud wireless earphones Usams BHUUS02 connect to any device that has bluetooth. They come with a carrying and charging case for the earphones.

Bluetooth headphones have many benefits for their users, including the following:

1. Freedom of movement: You can move freely without having to hold your phone in your hand, allowing you to work, exercise, and engage in other activities or even drive while on a call.

2. Ease of use: Connecting Bluetooth headphones to your device is very simple and quick. Simply enable Bluetooth on your device and connect your headphones. Additionally, most Bluetooth headphones have control buttons on the headphone itself, allowing the user to control their music or answer calls without needing to touch their device.

3. Time-saving: With Bluetooth handsfree, you can perform multiple activities without interrupting your call, allowing you to be more productive.

4. Long battery life: Bluetooth headphones usually have a built-in battery that can provide several hours of continuous use with just one charge. This means you don’t have to worry about having to charge your headphones frequently.

  • Operating Time: 7hrs
  • Operation Time with Charging Case: 35hrs
  • Standby: 40hrs


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