Xiaomi Dreame H11 Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry Gray


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Xiaomi Dreame H11 Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry Gray!

One pass. All clean.

  • Auto Mode – Dirt Detection
  • 36min – Runtime
  • 900ml – Clean Water Tank
  • 500ml – Used Water Tank

Erases household messes, both wet and dry.

Vacuums and mops at the same time when brushing the floor 560 times per minute. Especially useful for the bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. With the Dreame solution* in the package, your floor is cleaner than it looks.

*Dreame solution: Only Dreame solution should be used with H11 & H11 Max.

dreame h11 max

Cleans with the best suction possible.

In Auto mode, H11 Max adjusts the suction level according to the upfront mess detected by sensors. The battery is spent wisely. The mess is taken care of properly.

Deep clean. Up to 200m²*.

No longer need to refill the water tank over and over. H11 Max comes with a clean water tank of 900ml that covers up to 200m² in the lowest water flow mode.

*200m²: The maximum coverage was demonstrated at Dreame Lab.

Self-cleaning, as long as it is on.

Only a clean roller brush cleans well. The scraper scrubs the roller brush deep down to the root with a row of teeth. The mess is safely vacuumed, and the roller brush is clean during the cleanup. With a simple click from you, H11 Max even cleans itself on the dock.

dreame h11 max foto

Works up to 36 minutes* on a full charge.

With a battery capacity of 6*4,000mAh, H11 Max is suitable for large homes.

*36 minutes: Tested in the lowest suction mode at Dreame Lab. The test report is ZM-P2106-210630-1.

Push easily under an invisible force.

Generated by the roller, there is traction at the front to help you effortlessly push the vacuum cleaner forward once it is on.

Dreame H11 Max 10kPa Cordless Wet Dry Vertical Floor Washing Vacuum Cleaner for Home Handheld Self

Get notified. Whenever you need.

Get an insight into the cleaning when the remaining battery, cleanliness, and working status display on the LED screen. Voice prompts are supported as well.

  • Dirt Detection
  • Remaining Battery
  • Error Prompts

Easy to store. Easy to charge.

H11 Max can stand on its own and be put away easily after cleanup. Just put the vacuum cleaner back to the dock, and the charging starts right away. Apart from that, the charging dock has extra space for storing accessories as well.


  • Mess Detection: Yes
  • Mess Detection: Yes
  • Auto-Mode: Yes
  • Power: 200W
  • Runtime: 36min
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Clean Water Tank: 900ml
  • Used Water Tank: 500ml

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