Xiaomi Dreame L10 Pro MOP Vacuum Cleaner Black


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Xiaomi Dreame L10 Pro Mop Vacuum Cleaner Black!

Cleans as if it sees!

Key Technologies

  • 4,000Pa Suction
  • 150min Runtime
  • 0.15gal Dust Tank
  • 0.07gal Water Tank

It is eye-opening, with LiDAR.

Along with the new techs of 2021, L10 Pro is meant to surprise you with its LiDAR Navigation. It scans the surrounding with two lasers to understand your home better. When a nearby obstacle is detected, it slows down and goes another way. Your furniture and pets are no longer at risk when it is L10 Pro.

dreame bot l10 pro cover

Emptying your floor is not a must.

L10 Pro rebuilds a 3D environment in its brains with two lasers. Most household obstacles, such as slippers and dustbins, are avoided earlier now. Putting stuff away before cleanup is no longer a must.

Cruises in order. Plans 8m ahead.

Scanning at a radius of 8 meters, L10 Pro can come up with better cleaning paths to make sure every spot in your home is properly cleaned.

Imagine a stick vacuum inside it.

With an advanced brushless motor, L10 Pro cleans with the suction of 4,000Pa, which is another level of vacuuming. And the dust tank capacity is now expanded to 0.15gal to store more dust on the go. On top of that, there are four suction levels to choose from which allows it to work up to 2.5 hours or reduce the working noise to 65dBA.

Untangles hair on its own.

Having a set of comb teeth in the brush module, the hair picked up by L10 Pro are mostly untangled in the clean-up. The brush is detachable, just in case you need it.

Dreame L10 Pro 1

Cleans, down to earth.

The brush and the wheel are movable vertically, as if the suspension damping in a vehicle, to pick up dust and help it drive around different surfaces.

Avoids uncertainties in advance.

You can rest assured that your home won’t be messed up after this robot vacuum for its advanced navigation skills. What often traps a robot vacuum is no longer a threat to L10 Pro.

  • Glides under most furniture.
  • Crosses barriers of 0.78in.
  • Cliffs are detectable.

More considerate details designed for you

  • Stronger on carpets, automatically.
  • Mops with the techs of 2021.
  • Cleans by areas, rooms, and floors.
  • Listens. And answers you.


  • Dimensions: 13.89 x 13.78 x 3.81 inches
  • Weight: 8.15 lb
  • Connection Type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • Voltage: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A
  • Rated Power: 46W
  • Battery Capacity: 5,200mAh
  • Dust Tank Capacity: 0.15gal
  • Water Tank Capacity: 0.07gal



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