Xiaomi Mi Smart Cooking Robot Black


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Xiaomi Mi Smart Cooking Robot Black!

Premium construction as a matter of course

The Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot does not offer any compromises in terms of equipment. Its first-class construction from premium and durable materials is no exception, while the inner “pot” itself is made of three-layer stainless steel. The weight of the robot is 10 kilograms.

In addition to the robot itself, the package contains other rich accessories consisting of more than 10 elements. Not only the number of accessories, but also the powerful motor, high performance and large display make this robot a truly multifunctional intelligent assistant.

xiaomi robot cooker

High performance, large volume

In order to be able to fully rely on this new bomb from Xiaomi in everything around the kitchen, it was necessary to implement really high performance components. Maximum performance 1700 W, induction heating with maximum temperature 180 ° C, volume 2,2 L, or an engine with revolutions per minute in the interval from 40 to 12 they speak for themselves.

You can really do anything with this robot. Steaming, grinding, juicing, frying, cooking, chopping, kneading, washing, crushing or a lot of other things, this machine can handle all of this with the left rear. The equipment also includes a built-in scale with an accuracy of one gram and a self-cleaning program.

xiaomi robot cooker

A typical Xiaomi product

All the features listed above are really excellent. Xiaomi decided to supplement it special AI algorithms, which actively monitor and evaluate cooking time, temperature or, for example, mixing speed, and with a color touchscreen 8 ″ display.

Thanks to the display, control and overall work with the robot is much more intuitive, pleasant and efficient. Xiaomi even uses the display as an electronic cookbook, as the robot offers up to 200 different recipes in its equipment, which it shows step by step on the display. With this achievement of modern times, anyone can become a top chef.

➤ Specifications and Highlights:

➠ Integrated 8-inch touchscreen
➠ Dimension of 16.3 x 12.4 x 13.5 inches
➠ Weighs 10kg
➠ 2.2- liter capacity and 35 cooking options.
➠ CookingIoT algorithms to control the cooking process
➠ Resolution speeds between 40rpm and 12,000rpm
➠ Grinding, stir-frying, low heating, and much more.
➠ Heating maximum temperature of 180°C
➠ 3D induction heat technology
➠ Over 200 recipes and tutorials.
➠ Improvement by OTA updates
➠ Xiaomi voice commands



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