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Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Roborock S8 Black!

Suction power of 6000 Pa:
The S8 has more suction power than any previous Roborock robotic vacuum cleaner, producing up to 6000 Pa. That’s more than double the power of Roborock S7. It quickly picks up dirt, hair, dust and more from hard floors and carpets.

DuoRoller brush:
The Roborock S8 robotic vacuum with mopping function features a dual rubber main brush, which can effectively remove dirt and small dust particles, reduce hair tangles and sweep. Make your home cleaner than ever before.

Upgraded mopping system: Roborock S8 sweeping and robotic vacuum with sound wiping function, which scrubs up to 3,000 times per minute and lifts the mop up to 5 mm to move dried-in stains deeper.

Highly intelligent: equipped with 3D obstacle recognition with structured light – a process that uses a pattern projected onto a scene and uses pattern distortions to accurately recognize obstacles, making the S8 robot vacuum cleaner think more intelligently and work faster and easier than ever.

Precision navigation system: the precision navigation system creates detailed maps to find an optimal route for faster cleaning. The S8 robot vacuum can easily recognize stuck places automatically and draw invisible walls in the Roborock app to set no-Go zones.

Custom routines: user-created cleaning routines allow the robot vacuum to set regular or as needed cleaning routines for specific areas of the home. When cleaning is complete or the battery is weak, it automatically returns to the charging station.


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