Armored Protect Strap with Case for Apple Watch 7/SE (45/44/42mm) Black


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apple watch 7 strap
Armored Protect Strap with Case for Apple Watch 7/SE (45/44/42mm) Black 19.00
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Armored Protect Strap with Case for Apple Watch 7/SE (45/44/42mm) Black!

Strong, flexible and almost armored case for your Apple Watch. It is a case and a strap in one, which will be especially appreciated by enthusiasts of physical activity. The Protect Strap Band will effectively protect your smartwatch from damage during sports – even extreme sports.

The most important advantages of Protect Strap Band – Bands with case for Apple Watch:

  • Reliable protection of your Apple Watch against scratches and breakage
  • 2 in 1 gadget – in one product a strap and a case for the watch case
  • The case gives you easy access to the touch screen and buttons
  • Easy to put on, soft and comfortable to wear, the headband will not pinch during intense sports training
  • Dimensions of the Protect Strap Band – 45 x 44 x 42 mm

Precisely fitting Apple Watch case with band
Protect Strap Band consists of a case and a strap – each of them was made of a different, but equally durable material. The strap is made of flexible TPU, so it fits snugly to the watch case, and the case is made of a rigid synthetic material that reflects light and looks great on the wrist. The Protect Strap Band is extremely easy to put on with one movement. Just insert the Apple Watch case from the bottom of the band – in a similar way to the phone case (you don’t have to remove the case from the elastic strap!).

Get your Apple Watch ready for sports adventures
Strong and flexible Protect Strap Band casing is the perfect solution for sports enthusiasts. Perfectly protects your Apple Watch from accidental damage during outdoor activities or gyms. Your smartwatch will no longer be afraid of dust, dirt, shocks or bumps.

Stylish bezel for a smartwatch
Dress up your Apple Watch in a sporty style! A solid but compact headband with a case will be a perfect match for an informal smart casual style. The Protect Strap Band has been made with exceptional attention to detail – the clasp has a metal buckle, and the soft and comfortable strap can be freely adjusted.


apple watch 7 strap


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