Baseus Large Garbage Bag for Car back seat Brown


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Baseus Large Garbage Bag for Car back seat Brown 22.00
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Baseus Large Garbage Bag for Car back seat Brown!

A garbage can that looks like a discreet storage space. You can fit waste of various sizes in it. You only need to use one hand to open it. The closure is done by pushing and bringing two elements closer to each other, which connect thanks to the magnets. Minimum effort, fast and convenient service guaranteed.

The content that will be placed in the bin will not spill out while driving. It will also not emit bad odors – it is protected against them by a magnetic housing that blocks odors from getting outside. The driving comfort is thus maintained.

The bin not only collects garbage and blocks the spread of bad odors. Its inserts are waterproof, thanks to which even any spilled liquid will remain in its place. The outer material is water-resistant. You can wash it wet, and the surface will not deform and discolor.

The product was created from a combination of an aluminum alloy and high-quality artificial leather, which makes it an aesthetic equipment for most cars. Its thickness (when empty) is only 7 mm! However, this does not exclude the large capacity, which is up to 5 kg of load.

Simple installation: you can install the trash can in your car without tools in just four simple steps:

1. Put the product in the pocket on the back of the front seat.
2. Snap the two hooks over the edge of the pocket.
3. Press to open the basket.
4. Stabilize its position.

Material: aluminum alloy and PU leather
Assembly: a pocket on the back of the front seat
Capacity: up to 5 kg
Equipped with: 3 rolls of 30 bags