Type C to Lightninng
Carbon cable Forcell Type C to Lightninng PD27W 1m Black
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Carbon cable Forcell Type C to Lightninng PD27W 1m Black


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Carbon Cable Forcell Type C to Lightninng PD27W 1m Black!

A superfast multimedia cable for charging and data transmission. Works with Apple CarPlay and supports a Power Delivery fast charging technology. The ends of the plugs are reinforced by a metal braid. The maximum power is 27W.

Supports Apple CarPlay
If you have a car that supports Apple CarPlay, you can use a USB C cable to connect your phone to the car. Once your phone is connected, you can use Apple CarPlay to access your music, navigation, and other features while you drive.

Charge your iPhone in just a few moments
This fast charging cable is perfect for your needs. The USB-C to Lightning cable allows you to quickly charge your Apple devices with up to 20W of power. It supports the PD protocol. You can also use this cable to transfer files between your phone and your computer.

No more adapters
USB-C allows you to connect your iPhone with tablets and laptops with a USB-C port. Charge and synchronize data between stations, without additional devices.

The cable is also made with a durable nylon braided jacket and has metal reinforcement, making it resistant to wear and tear.

Comfortable to use
This cable has a length of 1 meter. It is comfortable to use in your car and house.

The cable has protection against overcharging. It is safe for you and your devices.

Connectors: USB-C to Lightning
Power: 27W
Color: black
Length: 1m
Support Apple CarPaly
Compatible fast charging technology: Power Delivery

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