Hoco Magnetic Car Phone Holder Black


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Hoco Magnetic Car Phone Holder Black 16.00
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Hoco Magnetic Car Phone Holder Black!

Magnetic car holder mounted to the dashboard. It provides a stable attachment to the mounting location and a strong attraction, holding devices up to 2000 g in weight.

The holder is equipped with 6 magnets that firmly fix the smartphone, which prevents it from falling out. The phone can be attached to and removed from the holder with just one hand, making it safe and comfortable to use.

The holder is attached to the 3M adhesive tape, which ensures a precise fit to the surface and a reliable fixation. To save you the discomfort of constantly straightening the cable, the handle is equipped with a charging cable holder.

The accessory rotates 360°, so you can use the phone horizontally and vertically. In addition, it allows you to change the angle of inclination: left, right, forward, backward.

Material: PC, ABS, silicone
Size: 75 * 57 * 43 mm
Weight: 58 g