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Joyroom USB-C in-ear headphones Silver 12.00
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Joyroom JR-EC06 USB-C in-ear headphones – silver

Immerse yourself in the perfect world of sound with the Joyroom JR-EC06 USB-C in-ear headphones. These silver headphones combine cutting-edge technology with a designer look, providing an unforgettable audio experience in an elegant style. Let music become your life companion thanks to the unique features of these headphones.

Key advantages:

  • Hi-Fi sound quality: Thanks to the dynamic 10 mm speaker, you will experience the highest quality sound that will take you to a world full of details and emotions.
  • Elegant design: Premium metal housing guarantees 360° surround sound, creating an unforgettable musical experience.
  • Unrivaled comfort: Skin-friendly silicone caps, designed at a 45° angle, fit perfectly in the ear for long-lasting wearing comfort.
  • Crystal Clear Calls: Built-in high-fidelity microphone ensures crystal-clear calls, eliminating audio interference.
  • Universal connection: The USB-C connector ensures stable transmission while being universally compatible with various devices.
  • Intuitive Operation: Designed for ease of use, the multi-function button allows you to quickly control headphone functions.
  • Durability in Details: The soft TPE cable is flexible and durable, easy to store, making these headphones perfect for everyday use.

Dynamic loudspeaker with a diameter of 10 mm

Experience great sound with a dynamic 10 mm speaker that delivers the full sound spectrum. Regardless of the music genre, the Joyroom JR-EC06 headphones will provide you with high sound quality thanks to Hi-Fi technology, highlighting every detail of your favorite melody.

Elegant metal casing

Designed with attention to detail, the premium metal casing not only gives the headphones an exclusive look, but also affects the spatial sound of the sound. Envelop your ears with a purity of sound like you’ve never experienced before.

Unrivaled wearing comfort

Follow the rhythms of your favorite music while enjoying unrivaled wearing comfort. The earpieces made of skin-friendly silicone, designed at an angle of 45°, fit perfectly to the shape of your ear, remaining extremely comfortable even during long-term use.

Crystal clear connections

Whether you’re on a business call or keeping in touch with loved ones, the built-in high-fidelity microphone on the Joyroom JR-EC06 Headphones ensures crystal-clear calls. Concentrate on your conversation by eliminating any sound interruptions.

Universal USB-C connector connection

Forget about compatibility problems. The USB-C connector in the headphones enables stable sound transmission while being universally compatible with various devices. Connect them to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and enjoy excellent sound.

Intuitive operation with a multi-function button

Quickly adjust headphone settings thanks to intuitive operation with the multi-function button. Play, pause, adjust volume and handle phone calls with one touch. Simple and convenient operation at your fingertips.

Durability in details – soft TPE cable

Designed for everyday use, the soft TPE cable is flexible and durable, easy to store. Let the Joyroom JR-EC06 headphones be your reliable companion, ready to act in any situation.


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