Mini Aero Bulldog Speaker White


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Mini Aero Bulldog Speaker White!

Wireless French Bulldog Speaker

Surging Original Sound, Enjoy Pure Sound Quality

French Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker

This is speaker with 5.0 Bluetooth chip which ensure stable signal , high quality voice and its distance can up to 10 meters. It is a music player as well as a radio. Large memory with 32G, you can listen to more songs. Voice command, easy to operate. Light weight and small size, easy to carry.

Bluetooth speaker

  • Large memory with 32G, you can listen to more songs.
  • It is not only a music player speaker, it also have function with radio.
  • With function of voice command, the speaker will work by receiving your commands, easy to operate.
  • Two speakers can be connected at same time to bring stereophonic sound.
Multi-port wireless speaker


Bluetooth Chip 5.0
Effective Distance 10M
Frequency Response Range 20Hz-200KHz
Output Power 10W
Power Supply Built-in 4000mAh lithium battery
Extended Storage 32GB


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