Silicone MagCover Case for iPhone 14 Pro Blue


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Case for iPhone 14 Pro
Silicone MagCover Case for iPhone 14 Pro Blue 23.00
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Silicone MagCover Case for iPhone 14 Pro Blue!

Ensure excellent protection for your smartphone with Silicone Mag Cover whose durable and transparent coating protects against impacts or scratches. The product is compatible with MagSafe technology that enables inductive charging.

The Silicone Mag Cover for iPhone is a guarantee of high-quality materials and full comfort.  Compatibility with the innovative MagSafe allows you to charge your phone in the Qi standard. After putting on the case, you just need to touch it to a wireless charger, and built-in magnets will firmly attach the smartphone to a charging field and allow you to replenish the energy. This kind of convenience gives you comfort in using the device both while charging and in use with magnetic car holders.

The case is made of high-quality matte color silicone , which is durable enough to serve for a long time. It prevents unwanted effects of dropping from a height and scratches . The inner microfiber liner additionally protects the surface of the device.

The non-slip coating does not slip  which makes the case comfortable when kept in the hand. The raised screen surround covers the rims of the smartphone and the integral cutouts facilitate access to the ports so you can easily use all the features.

Material:  Silicone, microfiber (inner liner)
Color: Blue
Compatibility with MagSafe wireless charging.


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