Ugreen Adapter HDMI Type A (female) to Mini HDMI (male)/Micro HDMI (male)


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Ugreen Adapter HDMI Type A (female) to Mini HDMI (male)/Micro HDMI (male) 14.00
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Ugreen Adapter HDMI Type A (female) to Mini HDMI (male)/Micro HDMI (male)!

Adapter for connecting a cable with a standard HDMI connector to devices with a mini HDMI or micro HDMI port.

Wide Compatibility
You gain the freedom to use with a variety of equipment. The micro HDMI and mini HDMI output connectors work with selected smartphones, iPads, cameras and cameras, among others. The HDMI port, on the other hand, allows for pairing with, for example, a projector or a TV set.

Gold-plated connectors
They provide excellent transmission quality and are extremely wear-resistant. Thanks to them, you can forget about the expenses related to the purchase of new accessories.

Reliability and durability
Which means you’ll be using it for a long time. Gold-plated connectors deserve special mention, as they are characterized by increased resistance to damage, as well as ensure the highest signal quality. So you can enjoy a harmonious, uninterrupted signal.

High picture quality
The adapter supports 1080p resolution, which means that the image will be full of details, imperceptible in the case of lower quality equipment. Enjoy amazing details and juicy colors.

Multiple uses
By choosing just one adapter, you can add splendor to many areas of life. With its help, you can pair a computer with a projector and display a presentation or slide show from your vacation, you can also conveniently follow sports games, as well as events in your favorite series.


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