Usams Lithe Cable USB to Type-C 1.2m 6A


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Cable 66W cyprus
Usams Lithe Cable USB to Type-C 1.2m 6A 14.00
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Usams Lithe Cable 66W USB to Type-C 1.2m 6A Black!

The high-quality US-SJ568 cable from USAMS is made of the highest quality TPE material, which is smooth and delicate to the touch like a snowflake, making it a skin-friendly material. TPE is a very resilient material and very resistant to cracking, which makes Lithe cables a durable product in use.

The cable is made of a braid of seven copper wires that guarantee greater stability of current conduction and faster charging. The cable is compatible with Fast Charging technology and ensures fast charging of the device without damaging its battery. The high output power of the 66W cable used with the 11V/6A charger allows you to quickly charge the Huawei Mate40 Pro within 30 minutes to a level of up to 86%!

USAMS Lithe is equipped with a charging indicator that lights up when the device is connected to the power supply. The lamp is a very convenient accessory, especially after dark, when it is harder to find the cable.

The cable allows you to transmit data at a speed of up to 480 Mbps – transferring a 1GB file takes only 30 seconds.

Collection Lithe Series
Material TPE
Color Black
Entry USB-C – USB-C
Length 1.2m
Output power 66W(Max) 6A
Data transmission speed 480Mbps


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