Xiaomi Dreame L10S Pro Mop Vacuum Cleaner Black


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Xiaomi Dreame L10S Pro Mop Vacuum Cleaner Black!

Advanced Technology:

The DreameBot L10s Pro is a perfect combination of the most popular cleaning robot technologies, a fully automatic vacuum cleaner robot that sucks and cleans floors. This state-of-the-art model features automatic dust emptying, advanced and customizable navigation with obstacle detection and an AI based camera for impressive, hands-free cleaning performance. Automate your daily cleaning and come home with freshly cleaned and fragrant floors: enjoy your home.

Total cleanliness:

Powerful vacuuming and washing and a minimalist charging station saves space without compromising cleanliness. It reaches deep and absorbs powerfully to remove hair, dirt, dust and deposits for optimal carpet cleaning. Ideal especially for families with pets. Two durable scrubbing cloths rotate at high speed to remove stubborn stains. The removable 190 ml water tank ensures thorough and comfortable cleaning of hard surfaces.

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AI 3D navigation customizable with apps and voice commands:

The navigation with artificial intelligence ensures efficient and effective cleaning of the entire house. The L10s Pro quickly creates a card in about 5-10 minutes, while the powerful 5200 mAh battery ensures long cleaning sessions. Take control of the app to adapt cleaning to your home and schedule. Pause or stop cleaning with voice commands or monitor your home with video control in the DreamHome app. You have all the power with a finger or your voice.

Strong Suction, Deep Cleaning:

The Dreame L10s Pro removes dirt with a powerful 5300 PA suction power and two rotating brushes with strong pressure. The intelligent brush design picks up fine particles and makes it easy to detangle pet hair and hair. The automatic suction power regulation allows different power settings depending on the surface for laminate, carpet or hard floors. The 4 suction levels and 3 water levels allow you to adjust the cleaning system to the respective surface: parquet, tiles, carpet, carpets and other types of floors.


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