Xiaomi HuoHou Electric Wine Opener Black


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Just place on the bottle and press the button

Xiaomi Huohou electric wine opener is from the category of non-traditional gadgets. His only job is to help open the cork bottles.

The device is made of a combination of stainless steel and quality plastic. It has dimensions 252 x 45 mm and weight 768 g.

You need to remove the protective foil to get to the stopper. The manufacturer also thought about it and in the product packaging you will also find a practical manual foil cutter.

Then the opening process is very simple. Simply place the automatic corkscrew through the hole on the neck of the bottle with the cork stopper and gently push downwards. The higher weight of the corkscrew also significantly helps here.

The opening process is activated by pressing one of the buttons, when the electric motor spins the integrated metal corkscrew. It is bitten into a cork and removed from the neck of the bottle within six seconds.

By activating the reverse of the automatic corkscrew, the user removes the cork from the corkscrew and the device is ready for the next bottle. 

Xiaomi Huohou electric wine opener has a built-in battery with a capacity of 550 mAhwhich is charged via the microUSB connector. The corkscrew should handle one charge opening up to 70 bottles.


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